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Our Approach

Our vision is to advance education as a means of alleviating poverty within the Talensi traditional area in the Upper East Region of Ghana.

We believe that education and youth participation will facilitate positive social change and not just the age old traditions of handouts by charities. Especially, in an area where the people are predominately peasant farmers, the majority unable to read or write and live below the World Bank's poverty line of $2 per day.

Our Story

Next Steps...

The community, Head Master and Baare Chief have a vision for the school that celebrates academic excellence with pupils going on further education and University and recognises the importance of vocational training for young people with more practical skills.

The school will invest in courses on agriculture, mechanics and administration to ensure local economy benefits from well-trained employees and the young people can be financially secure future though employment and perhaps setting their own business.

To succeed in securing this vision, pupils, staff and community needs others to give support and invest in helping them deliver their vision for Tonga Senior High/Technical School.

Meet the Team

Below are some of the people involved in the Talensi Community Development Foundation



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Founder Trustee