What We Do

One of the first project supported by Talensi CDF is the development of the Tongo Senior High and Technical School. Built by the community on donated land, the school is now seeking government recognition and funding to supports its growth and work.

While the Talensi District is well served with primary and junior high schools, families wanting their children to attend senior high school, needed to find school fees and often fund accommodation as there was no high schools in the area.

While community elders and the Baare Chief (who benefited from a Senior High School Education) lobbied the district government for help, this was taking time as they had join a long list of communities awaiting for their own high school.

Not to be deterred, the community created a site with donations of land and began the journey to establish the Tongo Senior High School. The site is near an existing Junior High School which was used while the new schools is developed.

The Chiefs, Elders and people of Baare donated over one square mile of land for the school and work began in November 2014 to dig the foundations for the first classrooms, library and Headmasters office. The local community have made financial donations and the school secured donations of cement, sand and other building materials from local firms.

Construction has been completed by the local community, helped by pupils and supervised by teaching staff during the weekends. As the school site lacks its own running water, pupils collect water for both the construction and day to day use from the local bore hole. The school will invest in courses on agriculture, mechanics and administration to ensure local the economy benefits from well-trained employees and the young people can also secure their financial future through employment and perhaps setting their own businesses.