Passionate Leaders

Inspiring the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow is a core objective of Talensi CDF. Especially, in an area where the people are predominately peasant farmers, the majority unable to read or write and live below the World Bank’s poverty line of $2 per day. We believe that youth participation will facilitate positive social change. Inspiring these young people develop leadership skills will enhance their civic participation, targeted at solving community oriented problems.

Our idea is to encourage and motivate the youth to discover their inner passions and to channel them for the betterment of the community. We seek your help to sponsor passionate leaders in education, agriculture, entrepreneurship and health. The goal is to mentor the youth to be the drivers of lasting social change, in a community bedevilled with untapped youth potential, poverty and high illiteracy.

Your support will enable people with years of experience mentor young leaders either in person or via video links. The aim is to facilitate the development of goal-oriented skills such as, independent thinking,  problem-solving and key decision-making. This we believe will contribute greatly to their positive development and that of the communities, rather than the stereotypical one-off donations of charities in times of need.